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GSA's PO Portal

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Call us at 1.800.228.7270 or 703.453.9100 if you need help
What is the GSA Advantage! Purchase Order Portal?  The "PO Portal" is a website developed by GSA that allows you to easily view or print your GSA Advantage! purchase orders, or you may download your orders in a number of formats including XLS, TXT, XML, or PDF. The PO Portal will also allow you to submit status for your orders back to your buyers via GSA Advantage!.
What is the URL for the PO Portal?  The new website can be accessed at:
How do I access the PO Portal?  The PO Portal can only be accessed through the ordering department email address designated in your GSA Advantage! catalog.
How does this work if I have multiple ordering addresses? The email addresses provided in your dealer list can register for orders.
What if I have one person who receives orders for several order addresses?  A single individual can receive orders for several order addresses. Provide the same email address for each order address. Since PO Portal accounts are by email address, there would be one PO Portal account for all addresses having the same email.
What if I have several people who need access to one order address?  Since PO Portal accounts are by email address, you would need to provide the account User id and password to any individual who you wish to access the account. GSA suggests you provide a generic email address which can be accessed by several individuals since PO Portal sends a daily email notice to this address listing the previous day's orders.
I'm currently getting my orders via EDI or XML.  Will I still get my orders this way?  Yes, even if you submit order address emails. If at some point you wish to use the PO Portal instead, please contact the GSA EDI help desk at 703-605-9444 and they can switch you over. Again, orders will not be sent to the PO Portal for contractors currently receiving orders via EDI or XML.
How does the PO Portal work?  Authorized individuals who login to the PO Portal may view, print or download orders. Orders appearing are those sent to order addresses having that individual's email associated with it.
How do I know if I get an order?  Each day you will get an email listing all orders from the previous day (you will not get an email if there are no orders). If desired, you may change your Profile setting in PO Portal to also receive an email notice for each order, or you may simply check the site daily. A link is included in each email taking you to the PO Portal, login is required.
How do I retrieve my orders?  Once you login you are taken to the Active POs screen. If you have orders, you will see a link stating "You have 2 new purchase orders! Click here to retrieve". Once you click the link, the orders will appear on your screen. Clicking the link acknowledges receipt of the order(s). You may then view, print or download your orders.