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SenSoft is really good at GSA Advantage uploads

Over 4,500 satisfied GSA and VA contract holders have used our Easy SIP® service to upload their SIP file price lists to GSA Advantage. SenSoft can process your spreadsheets into the GSA SIP format and get your catalog on Advantage for a fixed price with a minimum of hassle.

  • We can upload your GSA SIP files for you quickly and get them to your Contracting Officer's CORS program for review in one or two days in most cases.
  • You can use our service from non-Microsoft workstations and browsers and mobile devices.
  • We make it really fast and easy to delete TAA and ETS items and to upload sale (temporary price reduction) price lists.
  • We can process your spreadsheets (XLSX files) directly from your final proposal spreadsheet for a new contract or the same price list you use to manage your business for an existing contract. You will normally need only to add spreadsheet columns for photo names or URLs and UPCs, if GSA Advantage requires them. You don't have to use the special GSA SIP format with multiple files and predefined columns.
  • We can automatically delete non-compliant TAA and ETS items when processing your spreadsheets. SenSoft uses the latest GSA Advantage table of valid country codes and the latest Ability One list of ETS items for validation purposes.
  • We resolve duplicate part numbers, special characters, HTML formatting in your descriptions, and more without hassles on your end. (We drop duplicate part numbers and/or allow you to rename them in your spreadsheet.)
  • We can process your photos from a zip file or as web (URL) addresses or both. You can submit most any photo name, size, and type without worrying about GSA's specific rules for photos. We convert them to the formats GSA Advantage requires without hassle. You simply put the photo file name or URL in a column of your spreadsheet. There is no extra charge for photos.
  • We upload your SIP files then track them through the GSA system to ensure that your upload is reviewed by your CO and published on Advantage.
  • You will be able to view your price list on our web site just as it will look on Advantage before you upload it. You can easily make corrections and then reprocess to see the effect.
  • If you use our web site directly and input your information and files yourself, your normal turnaround is less than an hour unless your price list is quite large. If you send us your files for processing and review by our specialists, we provide same day or next day results.
  • SenSoft has several Clients with price lists larger than a million items, and uploads catalogs for about 75% of the twenty largest GSA Advantage price lists.
  • You incur no obligation to pay until and unless you approve your catalog for upload to GSA Advantage and are satisfied with the result on GSA Advantage. Yes, you can defer payment until you see your catalog on Advantage and are satisfied with it.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction and will refund your payment if you are not satisfied.

To discuss your needs with one of our specialists, call us at (1) 800 228 7270.

If you prefer email tell us what you want and attach any relevant files: Hyperlink to send email Hyperink to price list

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