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  1. GSA Contract Management and Compliance Support
  2. Support for FedMall price list and photo file formats
  3. Easy SIP® GSA Price List and Sale Catalogs

GSA Contract Management Services

SenSoft has completed GSA Advantage uploads for more than 5,000 GSA and VA contract holders and uploaded about half of all the products currently present on the GSA Advantage web site. SenSoft has great tools to identify and remove ETS items. The SenSoft Easy SIP® service supports unlimited GSA Advantage sale catalogs; even daily uploads are possible. Photos from web addresses (URLs) make having accurate photos for all your products much easier.

More information about Ability One ETS item removal Call us at 703 453 9100 or See GSA Schedule Contract Modfications or request a quote

Win, Manage, and Market GSA and VA Contracts

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GSA Schedule Contract Award

GSA Schedule Contract Extension

For information about getting a new GSA Schedule contract or extending an existing GSA contract use our , GSA contract award and extension service, you will receive help with: strategic planning and market analysis; commercial pricing disclosures; proposal preparation, submission, and negotiation; and post award tasks. More information

GSA Contract Modification with Easy Mod

Our Easy Mod GSA contract modification service helps you: increase product lines, adjust to price fluctuations, divest products, and add labor categories or SINs. We are experts at e-Mod preparation, submission, and negotiation. More information

GSA Contract Compliance Experts

Our GSA contract compliance service helps you manage: Ability One ETS item removal, Trade Agreements Act compliance, defective price issues, and GSA IOA visits. We can offer contract webinars for your staff.

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GSA Advantage Catalog Uploads

Publishing your price list on Advantage is required for contract compliance and is an important step in letting Government Buyers know about your products and services. We can get you on the GSA Advantage! website quickly and accurately. Our Easy SIP® catalog upload service has been successfully used by over 5,000 contract holders for over 35,000 catalog uploads over the last 18 years that we have been working with GSA. More information

Need help with GSA Advantage catalog preparation? We make it as easy as possible to upload catalogs for GSA Advantage! and FedMall. We automatically remove non-compliant TAA and Ability One ETS items for you. More information about Ability One ETS item removal You need only a normal price list spreadsheet, Word document for your Terms and Conditions, and existing photo files or web photo addresses. The SenSoft system does not require the special multi-file format used by the GSA SIP program. We can normally process your spreadsheets in the same format you use to manage your business, and we take care of special characters and symbols for you. More information about catalog preparation

Market Intelligence

SenSoft is an authorized reseller of the Warwick XSB product. Sale prices and quantities of your products and those of your competitors that are purchased through GSA Advantage can be obtained through customized sale and pricing reports, so that you can make strategic marketing and pricing decisions and refine your product offerings based on government demand. Our Advantage catalog upload service makes it very easy to upload sale catalogs as often as needed to keep your offering competitive.