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GSA EMOD is now mandatory

Mandatory Electronic Modifications

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Mandatory eOffer/eMod use

All GSA Contractors must submit their Contract Modifications electronically using GSA's eOffer/eMod system.

The person who will sign your Contract Modifications must obtain and install a digital certificate before you can use the eOffer/eMod web site. Once you have the certificate installed, modifications can be submitted through GSA's eOffer/eMod system. We recommend getting a second certificate so you will still be able to submit modifications if the primary person is not available for any reason. A digital certificate must be used to submit and sign contract documents. It typically takes three weeks or more for you to receive and install your digital certificate on your computer. Please remember to keep your digital certificate current. The process starts here: eOffer Certificate Page. (This page may still mention a free certificate, but GSA is no longer paying for these so you will have to pay.)

SenSoft can help you with getting and installing your certificate, and many of our Clients are asking for help. The procedure is somewhat tricky, and it is easier to do it right the first time than to fix it if later. Once you have the certificate installed properly, we can also help you prepare, submit, and negotiate your modifications. We support all eMod types:

  • Additions and Deletions
    • Labor categories
    • Products
    • SINs
  • Administrative
    • Add or change your contract administrator and authorized negotiators
    • Change your telephone #, FAX #, email, or website address
    • Add or change manufacturers, dealers, resellers, agents
  • Pricing
    • Temporary price reduction
    • Economic Price Adjustments (EPA) with and without Commercial Price List (increase)
    • Permanent price reduction (based on Most Favored Customer and Industry Partner request)
    • Wage determinations
  • Technical
    • Change in:
      • Geographic coverage
      • Part Numbers
      • Product and Service descriptions
  • Terms and Conditions
    • ARRA